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Pesca ABC

Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio

Client: Pesca ABC
Industry: Sustainable Fisheries and Environmental Conservation
Location: Mexico
Partnership Duration: Since 2016


Pesca ABC is dedicated to promoting sustainable fisheries in the Upper Gulf of California region. They needed a partner who could help them develop a strong brand, create communication assets, and build a comprehensive marketing toolkit to effectively communicate their achievements and scientific data to donors, stakeholders, and local communities.


Since 2016, Sonar has partnered with Pesca ABC to address their branding and communication needs. We focused on developing a cohesive brand identity and crafting bilingual infographics that clearly convey Pesca ABC’s mission and achievements. These infographics are designed to resonate with a diverse audience, including local communities and international stakeholders.


Through our collaboration, Pesca ABC has successfully:

  • Enhanced their brand identity, making it easily recognizable and trusted.
  • Created a robust set of communication tools that effectively convey their work and achievements.
  • Developed bilingual infographics that communicate complex scientific data in an accessible and engaging manner.
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