Full product design

Mercato Game

Sonar Marketing Studio

Client: Mercato Game
Industry: Gaming and Entertainment
Location: Texas
Partnership Duration: Since 2020


The visionary behind Mercato Game had nurtured the concept for nearly two decades, aiming to bring it to market. However, before launching, they sought Sonar’s expertise to ensure the game would offer a fresh and thrilling experience.


Sonar was given the opportunity to redesign and develop the all-new Mercato Game. We conducted a thorough analysis of the product and its features, recognizing its untapped potential. Our team proposed a comprehensive overhaul, from custom-made chips to meticulously crafted playing elements, reimagining gameplay mechanics and enhancing the overall enjoyment.


The all-new Mercato Game, with its innovative design and enhanced gameplay, has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from players. Our comprehensive redesign has breathed new life into the game, making it a standout product in the market.

Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio