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Exceed expectations.

The ocean is like the open market. Its diversity, the infinite target audiences.

We help our clients navigate safely to achieve and exceed their marketing goals.

This is SONAR.

Case Studies

Mercato Game

We earned the trust to redesign and develop the all-new Mercato Game, introducing a fresh and exciting playing experience!

Pueblo Dorado

Sonar’s initiatives to elevate the Pueblo Dorado brand, coupled with effective collaboration with the sales team, led to a remarkable 30% increase in the land’s value price within just 2 years.

Pesca ABC

Sonar partnered with Pesca ABC to enhance their branding and communication, effectively conveying their achievements in promoting sustainable fisheries in the Upper Gulf of California to donors, stakeholders, and local communities.

Our Distinguished Clients


Introducing Pomona: a state-of-the-art, secluded residential oasis, meticulously crafted in harmony with nature and exclusively reserved for just 74 families.

Sonar Marketing Studio has proudly partnered with Pomona to bring this exceptional project to life through innovative and impactful marketing strategies. Tour the project and experience the extraordinary blend of nature and luxury.

Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio
Sonar Marketing Studio


Research is key

We conduct thorough research into our clients' needs and market dynamics, ensuring alignment for optimal outcomes.

Inspiration everywhere

We draw inspiration from diverse sources, blending ideas to craft truly original and unforgettable brands and experiences.

Execution champs

We are committed advocates of excellence. That's why we tirelessly strive to introduce only the finest brands to the market.

Proven results

Our track record of remarkable achievements speaks volumes. Just ask any of our distinguished clients!